Improve leadership skill with emotional intelligence

Improve leadership skill with emotional intelligence

Leadership skill is much rare in world. It is not only birth gift. People may produce it after know that, what level they have of emotional intelligence. And adopt best practice for increasing level emotional intelligence. Learn in article to generate or test your leadership skill with emotional intelligence.

Introduction To Emotional Intelligence

Emotional  intelligence also "Emotional Quotient" (EQ). This intelligence is responsible for our: 
  • relationships
  •  attitude
  •  status
  •  success
  •  career
  •  decisions
  • thinking
  •  dealings etc. 
according To Ismail Malik (Columinist&Blogger)
"Emotional Intelligence is capacity to control our feelings in common life. A person who has fully control on his emotional intelligence he goes high in career because emotional intelligence run with us in whole life and we run for our career in whole life."

Emotional Intelligence is key factor to control emotions on right time. If you lose your emotions then definetly you will not prove as successful leader because one leader always control himself in every situation. You imagine that you are attacked from enemy and your leader is behave abnormally then your whole tribe/nation is pushed in great trouble.

Before you accept high responsibility of leadership, you should test it before. Only one way can give you right indicator of your leadership skill and it is your EQ. 

Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

Little importance we have discussed above but key factors which depend only on your emotional intelligence are here:
  • Build strong relationships
  • Successed us in our study tenure
  • Make us leader in work place
  • Bring happiness in our life
  • Able us to live dignity
  • Control our emotions

By considering these things, we know the importance of Emotional Intelligence in our life. Next question which rise, is that how to flourish your Emotional Intelligence skill especially for leadership quality. For that answer we are moving next section below.

Improve leadership skill with emotional intelligence

How flourish our EQ

Always successful leader have strong EQ. If you are moving to lead some nation, tribe or mini family, then you should have high Emotional Intelligence. Personally, my grand father Capt.Muhammad Siddique had highest EQ level. After his death, my father take place of him and driving my family now. As a family head you lead your family, So, improve your leadership skill through Emotional Intelligence. 

We are dividing Emotional Intelligence in 3 branches:
  1. Self-control
  2. Self-management
  3. Self-assessment


What is self-control and how it is key factor to improve leadership skill? No worry...I am answering them. 
Self-Control is ability to minimize your overflow of emotions. Yes, If you can control your emotions to show immediately without your permission then you have complete self-control. Otherwise, you need to sit alone and think why you couldn't control your emotions? What are barriers between this? And how to remove them? Sincerely, you can control yourself in a month. You just have to need a lot of practice. 
Self-Control is key factor of your emotional intelligence. If you have complete control on yourself then you will be a successful leader in your career. And now you will to do improve your leadership skill through self-control. You just to see your favourite movie, and chose favourite scene to watch. When you are watching this scene and promised yourself that you will not even smile on this and never allow feelings of enjoyment to live longer in your body during scene. If you couldn't do that then you have not complete control on yourself. Leaders have high self-control. Solution is same, you think overself and control yourself. You can say your mind for fifty times in a day that you have controlled yourself. This technique will work, I know.


Self-Management is next step of self-control. If you have complete self-control then next improvement is self-management. In this step, you show your emotions and feelings in not only control way but in right way. 
Your emotions should produce positive impact on your surroundings. If your feelings are work constructive and make benefits, then you have complete self-management and successful leader always have self-management in their lives. 
Self-Management contains these attributes:
  1. How efficiently you done work?
  2. How you use less resources for bigger project?
  3. How you save things from distruction?

If you have positive answer of these questions then you have complete self-management in your life and you will be successful leader. Second improvement has been complete.
And If you have not complete self-management, then you should not worry, Just done things in some manner carefully, done this practice a lot in month and note down results then you have great score for self-management. Practice is that control your mind in loneliness.


After all, You will done your analysis. There is no perfect in this world. You should adopt habit of self-assessment. In this way you can control your driving speed of life and direction. It is much neccassary in life. Never feel perfect. Only God is perfect in whole universe. You should question answer yourself at night at allocated time. You are rider of your body which possess healthy mind.

Improve leadership skill with emotional intelligence


You are responsible for all that you have or lose. Even only you can improve your quality of leadership through three ways discribed above. Good luck. If you have any question feel free to ask me in comment section.


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