How Harness Your Own Uniqueness Suddenly

Harness Your Own Uniqueness

Uniqueness is name of quality which you looking for. I believe that everyone is unique in the world. Are you not believe? And looking for Harness your uniqueness personality. Then be clear start of my article that you will find your uniqueness in this post.

Forget yourself and also your uniqueness?

Some people love Messi. Yes, who is a great football player. Some people love rock. Yes, who is a actor. Their fans tried to make themselves like their ideals. In this journey, they forget their ownself. Their Uniqueness is hide in this full journey when they were tried to be like Messi or Rock. Why?

Kill yourself before harness of your uniqueness?

Sometimes people get down due to relation with high profile person. Yes, when PM of your country is your relative or commissioner/mayor of your city is your relative. Then you feel that they are king of all parties. They deserve all respect and love from people, then your uniqueness killed by you. This is murder of your individual identity. Because you are not less from your high profile ideal. 

How Harness own Uniqueness?

Allah Almighty created you different from your ideal. Do you think why?

Because Allah Almighty want to judge you in different conditions. Your exam is different from your ideal in this world. That's why you are unique from your ideal. Your ideal can't reach yourself. Do you know why? Because you are unique in this world. 

Your beautiful eyes, beautiful face, beautiful attitude and beautiful goals that your ideal doesn't have. You have. 

When I was born and i was on baby bed. Then I was shaking toward tube light. This brilliant memory of my mother who tell me this is precious happiness that i feel when i hear this mischief. This will always stay in my good memory. I and my mother always enjoy my childhood memories. This is my life. It doesn't matter what celebrities doing now a days. Because i have unique life. All celebrities don't have my life. Because my life is my and your life is your. No can push you back in  life, until you permission him/her to hit you.

I know you have unique goals in your life and your uniqueness is harness everyday when you think about your. When you audit yourself before sleeping at night. 

I don't why some of us campare themselves with others? I think that they do because they wanted to improve themselves. If you seriously improve yourself then allow yourself to do everything which you like. Which work you enjoy allow yourself to do that work. Always your experience improve yourself.

 If you are person who want to do everything perfect in your life then read books. A lot of books you should have in your library. But you feel confident in your life when you do experience.

 Your Uniqueness is hidden in yourself. Discover it. And work on yourself in a way that no one is your copy here. But after your success, there will  a stock of your copies in a market. 

  "Be Yourself  Is  More  Worth  Then  A Copy." -Suzy Kassom

Break Your Goals

You have set up your goals. And now a time to give them a new life. Yes, live your goal. Shake it from head. And say it that time has come when you are going in public and say them " I'm a goal of Mr.X and he/she completed me. See me I am completed now".

Your Uniqueness always come outside when you have completed your goals. Maybe it happens after your death. No matter when it happens. Because Your goal wasn't to get admire from public. 

If you want to get admire from public, then you shouldn't study....thenythen shouldn't get skills.... thenythen shouldn't polish yourself.....then you shouldn't awake at night for hardworking. Then you should go theater and carry on.

Don't do camparison of you with anyone. Your ideal had different conditions in his/her life. You have different. Why you have different? Because you are unique personality in this world.

Who is real Hero?

You are real hero of your life. In this world, just focus on your life. In your eyes, you should see your face. And think how it improve and how it glows. For this not see towards celebrities. Just look towards your face and your life and ways which your life allows you to stand on. 

For example, if you want to do speech on annual dinner party on your job place. Then don't look towards last speaker which is your colleague. You should go towards clerk office and get know requirements for speaker at annual dinner party. And compete your colleague who was last speaker.

Maintain Own Potential

Are you barber? Or are you a farmer? Or are you a bus driver? 

No matter who matter who are you? Matter is that how you maintain your potential. How people feel you unique. Are you a simple barber? Or you are a barber with satisfication. And proud on your job. If you are proud on job and your way of life. Then you are unique in this world. Because there are many people who do a  ordinary job. But the people who proud on their jobs whatever they have. I love those delivery boys/girls who are satidfied  with their jobs. It is not mean that you shouldn't try to move forward. Its meaning is that when delivery boy/girl will become ceo of well known company. He/She will tell proudly his/her past. And don't feel embarrassment on it.

Harness Your Uniqueness

Just imagine in your mind that no copy is available of you in world. But before your death markets will overload with your copies. If we go high then must some people below us. Because they have their own life. They will die as low achiever. But they don't feel regret on it.



This is way to move forward and to harness your uniqueness. You should just focus on yourself in your life. Don't look towards high achievers to become their followers just compete them. And bring them on place where they see you as a ideal.

Harness Your Own Uniqueness


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